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Sourcebook Supplier Profiles

Supplier Profiles are a core feature of Premium accounts and available to Premium R&D, and Premium Commercial subscribers. Supplier Profiles provide important information about material suppliers. This includes a detailed supplier description, plant and material location mapping features, technical contacts, as well as important information about new technologies and capabilities.

This information allows users to appropriately match their application with suitable materials and suppliers effeciently and earlier in the development process.

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This tutorial covers Supplier Profiles which are a core part of the Sourcebook material sourcing platform and available to all Premium subscribers - Premium R&D, and Premium Commercial.  This tutorial covers the basic use of Supplier Profiles and the detailed information available to Premium subscribers throughout the Sourcebook platform. 


Using Supplier Profiles

  • Sourcebook Supplier Profiles
  • Tutorial_Presentation_-_Supplier_Profiles2.png
  • Sourcebook Supplier Profiles
  • Sourcebook Supplier Profiles
  • Sourcebook Supplier Profiles
  • Sourcebook Supplier Profiles
  • Sourcebook Supplier Profiles

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Tutorial by Brianna Sporbert


Brianna Sporbert (LinkedIn, Twitter) is the Director of Sourcebook Engineering at Boyd Technologies and the principle trainer for Sourcebook Tutorials. Brianna is a Biomedical Engineer with a degree from Western New England University. Prior to joining Boyd Technologies she worked in research, cell culture and clinical laboratory settings at Nuclea Biotechnologies, and FloDesign Sonics. Brianna manages the development, training, and engineering support efforts for the Sourcebook material sourcing platform.  She is an avid figure skater and coach.